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blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Thought-provoking. High energy. Positive. Dynamic, charismatic, interesting, and fun!”

~ Heather Ward, Destination Resorts, Snowmass
high energy dynamic speaker

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Ava “gets real”, and delivers a powerful message. She uses humor, great stories, and provides the tools necessary for immediate action. You walk away inspired, motivated, and know not only what needs to be done next, but how to do it!”

~ Joan Tezak, Executive Director, American Society of Association Executives/CO
powerful message, inspired and motivated

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Walk, drive, crawl to get to the seminar. The information is invaluable to personal success in business and in life. She is the best motivational speaker I have heard in years!”

~ Debra Oster Mutual of Omaha
best motivational speaker

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Your audience was totally engaged right from your first words. Impressive stuff and you were by far the standout speaker. Amazing feedback on you.”

~ Julian King, SMR Group, Asia HRD Congress
amazing feedback

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_You must hear Ava! She is vibrant, passionate, and unforgettable!”

~ Taylor Cobb, Volunteers of America
vibrant, passionate and unforgettable

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Dynamic, really eye-opening and motivating. She’s great. She makes you feel as if she’s talking to you.”

~ Cheryl Carter, Boeing
dynamic, eye-opening, life changing

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Ava is one of those speakers an event planner would kill for! She’s easy to communicate with, makes sure she knows her audience, comes well-prepared, and delivers an entertaining, high-content presentation. Ava understands how to keep the audience engaged and laughing. On stage she is fun, funny and knowledgeable. Offstage she is sooooo easy to work with. She makes an event planner’s job easy!”

~ Ann Clarke, E-Women Network
entertaining, high content presentation

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Don’t miss Ava’s program. It was fab and fantastic and fierce! Real. Down to earth.”

~ Justiss Boyer United Space Alliance
down to earth speaker

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Engaging and meaningful. Changed my life today in one hour. Funny and powerful!”

~ Kristie McGinnis Avago Technologies
powerful message

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_My experience working with Ava has been nothing short of wonderful.”

~ Matthew Quigley, PepsiCo
engaging speaker

blockquote01.35x35.rev2_Best speaker I have ever heard. Everyone should attend. Great examples, handouts, and real tools to use right away. Ava is fabulous, motivating, knowledgeable, and funny. I would listen to her speak on just about anything.”

~ Julia DeHague, The Wildlife Experience
best speaker i ever heard


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