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What Great Bosses Do: How to Lead Your Team to the Best Work of Their Lives

Some leaders excel at activating the potential of their people and get stellar performance while others struggle to meet their goals. Some leaders have people lining up to follow them and be a part of their organizations, while other leaders barely get minimal, “just what I have to do to get by” performance from their people.

To discover what made this huge performance difference, Ava interviewed high-performance leaders from a wide variety of organizations and identified the key things they did that resulted in their exceptional success.

Participants will learn:

♦ What they do that gets in the way of bringing out the best in the people they lead

♦ How to increase employee engagement and get better performance from their teams

♦ How to communicate more effectively to activate stellar performance

Inside Out Leadership: Developing Your Inner Leader to Make a Positive Difference and Drive Results

True leadership has nothing to do with title or position. It’s a myth that you can’t lead if you’re not at the top.

Leadership is the ability to influence and to make a difference—no matter where you are in the organization. It’s the ability to inspire others to be and to do more than they ever thought they could.

This program is perfect for those who do not have a leadership title and those who have to influence people who do not have a direct reporting relationship to them. It’s great for titled leaders, too!

Participants will learn how to:

♦ Develop the leader within you and become indispensable to your organization.

♦ Drive positive results no matter what your role is

♦ Turn problems into solutions, making you more valuable to your team

♦ Become crucial to your team’s success while having more fun along the way.

Is Your BUT Too Big? How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Upsurge Your Success

Do you want to take your life and your performance far beyond where you’ve ever been able to take them? Do you hold yourself back with limited thinking? Do you avoid taking risks when you need to go full force? Are you ready to change what’s not working in your life?

♦ Crash through unconscious self-imposed barriers that hold you back 

♦ Feel confident, focused, and powerful in any situation

♦ Develop a mindset that says “no” to excuses and “yes” to taking confident action 

♦ Power-up your thoughts, words, and actions to get unprecedented results

For the Meetings Industry:

Extreme Engagement: Creating Irresistible Meeting Experiences for Maximum Impact

In today’s world, you are competing for attention. If your meetings are not generating extreme engagement, it’s time to refresh the way you design your events.

Too often, we see the traditional meeting format of keynote, breakout sessions, and then networking events at night. The flow of information during the day is one-way, or two-way at best. The juiciest conversations often happen in the hallways.

Today’s participants want more than this–they want to actually participate!

They are looking for new ideas to help them solve their problems, and new connections to help them move forward. They want to be engaged, challenged and absolutely convinced that their valuable time is being well spent.

In this enlightening and fast-paced session, leadership expert/author Ava Diamond will share creative strategies for delivering high-impact experiences and will guide participants through several interactive exercises that maximize attendee learning.

Learner Outcomes:

♦ Learn how to instruct your speakers to engage people early, increase attendance, and reinforce learning after the event

♦ Discuss how to move hallway conversations into the meeting room by making sessions irresistibly interactive

♦ Discover how to get all of your event’s stakeholders excited and solidly behind your program

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