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empllyee engagement, colorado speakerInspiring Top Performance: What Leaders Absolutely Must Know to Build a Culture of Engagement and Performance

As leaders, it’s our job to create an environment where we tap the full potential and leverage the talent of each individual. We have to engage their hearts, souls, and minds so that they want to give us their best. This can really be a challenge in today’s world! Your group will discover how to create a workplace culture where people want to perform at their peak and contribute all they can.

Attendees will learn:

√  Why employee engagement is a critical success factor
√  The latest global thinking and research on employee engagement
√  How to increase the level of leader and employee engagement in your own organization


Heart and Soul of Leadership, Leadership KeynoteThe Heart and Soul of Leadership:
How to Inspire Commitment and Loyalty, and Get Amazing Results

Research shows that high-commitment organizations outperform low commitment organizations by 47%! True leaders engage the heart, the imagination and the creativity of their people, and inspire passionate commitment. Ava Diamond will share strategies, tips, and success stories to help create strong leaders that tap into their deepest desire to lead and serve to create powerful results.

This presentation reveals:

√  How to get people fired up and committed to your values and goals
√  Strategies to increase employee loyalty, commitment, and productivity
√  How to increase your bottom line by getting the best from every one of your people


high performance mindsetIs Your “BUT” Too Big? How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Power Up Your Success

Do your people want to take their lives and performance far beyond where they’ve ever been able to take them? Do they hold themselves back with limited thinking? Do they avoid taking risks when you need them to go full force?

This program will help them build a high performance mindset so they can:

√  Crash through unconscious self-imposed barriers that hold them back
√  Feel confident, focused, and powerful in any situation
√  Develop a mindset that says “no” to excuses and “yes” to taking confident action
√  Power up their thoughts, words, and actions to get unprecedented results


success strategies for womenWhat Your Mama Didn’t Tell You and Your Daddy Didn’t Know:
Success Strategies for Women

In today’s world, women struggle to remain true to themselves while maximizing their business success. They work as hard as they can, but often don’t achieve the level of success they feel they deserve.

This program will help women:

√  Gain insight into how different childhood lessons learned by boys and girls impact business success
√  Use their female leadership style for competitive advantage.
√  Speak powerfully and be heard
√  Build their reputation in their organization and beyond


leading change, employee engagementLeading Change in a High Velocity World

The only constant in today’s world is change—and the velocity is rapidly increasing. Our customers, our employees, and our leaders are trying to make sense of this turbulent business environment. Now, more than ever, it is critical to understand how to best manage the changes that our organizations will inevitably face.

Your group will learn:

√  The only two things that really motivate people to change
√  Critical leadership behaviors to help people through change
√  The Steps to Successful Change—and what it takes to implement them
√  How to deal with resistance to change


change speaker, thrive through changeMaking Change Work for You: How to Thrive in the Midst of Change

Change is a constant in today’s world. It takes us from the known to the unknown, which can be frightening. This program will enable the attendees to make change an ally, and to look forward to the opportunities that change can bring.

They will:

√  Discover the power of choice and make change their ally
√  Move beyond their comfort zone more easily
√  Build resiliency skills that will take them through any personal or professional change
√  8 Steps to Thriving through Change


generational differencesZapping the Generation Gap: How to Work with Different Generations Without Going Crazy

Our business world is more global than it’s ever been. Today’s workforce is more generationally diverse than it’s ever been. And customers’ desire for products and services tailored specifically for them is higher than it’s ever been.

Creating competitive advantage in this environment requires a highly cohesive and productive workforce. Companies need to create an organizational culture that enables employees of all generations to contribute their best work and to thrive.

This high-energy, fast paced, interactive program includes

√  Understanding the generational demographics and differences that are impacting today’s workplace
√  Perspectives on the different generations’ approaches to work, leadership, and communication.
√  Simple but powerful strategies to maximize productivity, creativity, innovation, and knowledge sharing. so people from all generations work together to achieve business goals.


women's successYour Title Here
Ava can customize a program for you related to her expertise in employee engagement, high performance mindsets, success strategies for entrepreneurs, and women’s success. Let her help you meet your meeting objectives.


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