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Ava loves presenting motivational and business programs for all audiences, but she has a special place in her heart for Women's conference programswomen audiences.

Ava wants women to:

  • live a life that makes them wake up every day, pump their fists in the air, and yell, “Yes!”
  • step into their own power and be bolder and gutsier than they’ve ever been.
  • laugh in the face of fear, kick their self-doubt in the butt, and go after their wildest dreams.
  • live in a bigger, more audacious, more powerful way than they’ve ever lived before.
  • have all the success they’ve ever dreamed of.

Women love Ava’s “down-to-earth” frankness, and her “tell it like it is” attitude.

She’s real.  And audiences respond to it.

Ava would love to bring one of these topics to your next conference for women, gathering of entrepreneurial women, corporate women’s group, or women’s event.

Hot Topics for Women:

What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You and Your Daddy Didn’t Know: Success Strategies for Women

In today’s world, women struggle to remain true to themselves while maximizing their business success. They work as hard as they can, but often don’t achieve the level of success they feel they deserve.

This program will help women:

♦ Gain insight into how different childhood lessons learned by boys and girls impact business success
♦ Use their female leadership style for competitive advantage.
♦ Speak powerfully and be heard
♦  Build their reputation in their organization and beyond

Is Your BUT Too Big? How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Power Up Your Success

Do your people want to take their lives and performance far beyond where they’ve ever been able to take them? Do they hold themselves back with limited thinking? Do they avoid taking risks when you need them to go full force?

This program will help them build a high-performance mindset so they can:

♦ Crash through unconscious self-imposed barriers that hold them back
♦  Feel confident, focused, and powerful in any situation
♦  Develop a mindset that says “no” to excuses and “yes” to taking confident action
♦ Power-up their thoughts, words, and actions to get unprecedented results



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