You Need to Own Your Power Before You Can Own the Room!

Whenever you are delivering a business presentation or speech, you need to own the room!

What exactly do I mean by that? Think back to some of the best speakers you have seen. They come up on stage or to the front of the room, and you immediately feel the energy in the room shift. All eyes are on them. They immediately establish rapport and relationship with the people they’re speaking to. Their presence has the audience paying rapt attention to their every word. They “own the room.Powerful Presentations, own the room

If you regularly attend events and conferences, you know that not every speaker has this ability. Some get up in front of the room, and although they are sharing good information, they really never get to the point where the audience is enthralled with them and totally engaged with their content. ugg outlet florida foxwoods

michael kors outlet shoes “>Mindset to “own the room”

I’m convinced that more than technique, more than mere “stage presence,” there’s an underlying mindset that separates the great speaker from the good speaker—the speaker who sells their idea, their message or their product, and the one who doesn’t—the speaker who captivates their audience and the one who doesn’t.

Often, when I talk to people about this concept, they agree that it’s a great idea, but then their self-doubt kicks in. Their inner critic takes over and they begin to wonder, “Why would someone want to listen to me?” “Am I really good enough and charismatic enough to get in front of an audience?” “Will I be able to get my point across and sell my idea?”

nfl jerseys elite vs limited el paso “>In order to own the room, you need to own your own power! monster beats app aux cable You need to know in the core of your being, at the cellular level, that you have a message that people need to hear, and that you are the perfect person to be delivering that message.

You need to be confident and powerful and grounded in the depth of your expertise. No one else has your unique combination of talents, skills, knowledge, communication style, and life experiences. No one.

powerful presentations, own the roomWhen you are in touch with your highest vision of yourself, you step out from that place of power. You speak boldly and confidently. You rock your presentation. You own the room.

ugg outlet atlanta ga a roma sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #000000; moncler cluny careers “>Visualize who you want to be the next time you give a speech or deliver a business presentation. See yourself being introduced, walking briskly and confidently to the front of the room, taking a moment to smile, to ground yourself, to make eye contact with your audience, and to take control of the room.

Then visualize the conversation you have with that audience—the relationship and partnership you build with them. See yourself speaking in a laser-focused, dynamic way. Visualize your elation at the end of your program when your audience takes the action you intended for them to take.

See, that’s where it all starts. It starts in your own mind. It starts with owning your own power, stepping boldly into the place where you’re ready to express it, and then sharing it with your audience. That’s how you own the room. And that’s how you become a great presenter or speaker!

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