Small Mindset Changes that Make a Big Difference

I’ve been noticing a trend over the last several months.  It’s becoming an epidemic. There’s a lot of self doubt, limiting thoughts, and “how can I be successful in today’s constantly evolving world?” going around.high performance mindset

People who, up until now, were focused, making progress, and moving forward are questioning themselves, their direction, and their ability to reach their goals.

On one level, asking yourself probing questions and questioning “the way you’ve always done it” is a good thing. It’s part of what helps us grow, stay fresh, and innovate. It’s what helps us increase our performance, continually reach higher level goals, and stay relevant in today’s world.

moncler cest pas assez cher down coat “>But when our minds become filled with nfl jerseys cowboys color rush “>self limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and fear—that’s a sure recipe for staying stuck or moving backward.

I love this quote from real estate investor Dolf De Roos:

“The most expensive piece of real estate is the six inches between your right and left ear. It’s what you create in that area that determines your wealth. We are only really limited by our mind.”

That’s the good news.  YOU are the one in charge of your mindset.  You have the ability to control your thoughts, to choose what you believe, to decide what you program into your “six inches between your right and left ear.”  Your mindset will determine your behavior, your level of performance, and your ability to reach your goals. moncler outlet polo 2

moncler doccasion ebay line-height: normal;”>Here are five techniques to develop a mindset that will help you real any goal:

  • Decide what you want.  What you really want.  Not what you think you should want, not what anyone else thinks you should want, but what you really want.  That’s the first step.  If you are not really clear about what you’re going after, it will never happen.
  • Visualize yourself there.  Visualize yourself having the level of success you truly desire.  Visualize achieving your biggest goal. What will it look like, feel like, be like?  How will your life be different?  Marinate in this vision a few times a day. You want to live the experience of it in your mind, in a way that is so real that you experience yourself at that level of success every single day.
  • Create your ideal day in your mind.  Imagine each moment from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Again, do it in 3-D..with the sights, sounds, smells, feelings.  Relive this ideal day in your mind often, and believe deeply that it is what you are moving toward.
  • moncler barbel brand “>ugg outlet gold coast germany font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal; -moz-font-feature-settings: normal; -moz-font-language-override: normal;”>Think bigger. What thoughts would you need to think, what beliefs would you need to adopt, how big would you need to think to reach your big goals?  Be honest with yourself about whether you are really willing to make these changes.
  • Let go of what’s not serving you. What thoughts and beliefs would you need to let go of? This is big one. You have to look at what self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative thoughts stand between you and what you want.  And you need to replace them with positive affirmations, positive belief, and excitement about your progress.

So what do you think?  Are you willing to make the mindset changes that will take you to what you really want?  Or are you going to limit yourself with thinking that isn’t taking you where you really want to go?



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